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News November 14, 2021

Thai pummelos can enter the USA if irradiated

Effective November 10, 2021, USDA-APHIS authorized fresh pummelo fruit (Citrus maxima) from Thailand to be imported into the continental United States of  America subject to the following phytosanitary measures:

  • The fresh pummelo fruit must be shipped in commercial consignments only.
  • The fresh pummelo fruit must be treated with irradiation in accordance with 7 CFR part 305.
  • Prior to packing, the fresh pummelo fruit must be washed, brushed, disinfested, submerged in surfactant, treated for Xanthomonas citriGabriel et al.with an APHIS-approved surface disinfectant, and treated for Phyllosticta citriasiana and Phyllosticta citricarpa with an APHIS-approved fungicide.
  • Each shipment of fresh pummelo fruit must be accompanied by a phytosanitary certificate issued by the NPPO of Thailand. If the fresh pummelo fruit was irradiated in Thailand, each consignment of fruit must be inspected jointly in Thailand by APHIS and the NPPO of Thailand, and the phytosanitary certificate must contain an additional declaration attesting to irradiation of the fresh pummelo fruit in accordance with 7 CFR part 305. If the fresh pummelo fruit will be irradiated upon arrival into the continental United States, joint inspection in Thailand and an additional declaration on the phytosanitary certificate are not required.
  • Consignments of fresh pummelo fruit from Thailand are subject to inspection at ports of entry in the continental United States.

Notification of the decision in the Federal Register available here.