Non-chemical treatment of fresh produce

Non-chemical treatment of fresh produce

Increasing volumes of fresh produce entering international trade are treated by ionizing radiation to prevent the spread of insect pests. This non-chemical process is called phytosanitary irradiation.

Leading exporters of these fresh products include Mexico, Australia and Vietnam. New Zealand and USA are currently the main importers.

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What is the Phytosanitary Irradiation Platform?

The Phytosanitary Irradiation Platform (PsIP) is a professional association that is dedicated to the advancement of the commercial application of phytosanitary irradiation globally. The main objectives of the PsIP are:

To facilitate

exchange and cooperation between the various stakeholders of the industry.

To provide

resources to the stakeholders.

To promote

education and awareness of the technology.

To create

structured dialogue and opportunities for meetings and discussions.

To be the voice

of the phytosanitary irradiation community.