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News, Event January 23, 2024

Phytosanitary Irradiation at IMRP 2024

The 21st International Meeting on Radiation Processing (IMRP 2024) is being held 4 – 8 November 2024, in Costa Rica.

IMRP 2024 welcomes attendees and speakers from all regions of the word, and covers the interests of all stakeholder groups within Industry, Government, Research and Technology. In order to create an informative program that discusses the many aspects of Phytosanitary Irradiation this year, we encourage our community to submit abstracts by 1 March 2024.

IMRP represents a unique and rare opportunity for you to network, share and learn with a diverse group of international attendees and phytosanitary irradiation subject experts. The agenda will offer balanced content and be suitable to all levels of experience and knowledge.

Call for Active Participation:  

We encourage you to actively participate in IMRP 2024 by sharing your expertise, research, and insights.

Please submit your abstracts and proposals by 1 March 2024. This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your work to a global audience and contribute to the wealth of knowledge at IMRP.  

Abstracts are sought for the following areas: 

  • Government Regulatory Challenges and Solutions: Focused on auditing, compliance, international protocol development, and contrasting approaches in different regions, with a special emphasis on how this impact the phytosanitary irradiation sector.
  • Advancements in Food Standards: Discussing best practices, harmonization efforts, and learnings from existing standards, particularly relevant to enhancing phytosanitary irradiation processes and outcomes.
  • Efficacy Data for Phytosanitary Applications: Covering the basics, recent advancements, and prospects in the field, with a focus on how this data supports and drives the phytosanitary irradiation industry.
  • Innovations in Post-Harvest Treatment: Addressing post-harvest solutions, optimizing treatment processes, understanding limitations, and aligning with commercial requirements, all within the scope of phytosanitary needs.
  • Infrastructure & Systems for Phytosanitary Treatment: Exploring innovations in sources, accelerator machines, dosimetry, cold storage, conveyor systems, and operating software, highlighting their applications and importance in the phytosanitary irradiation field.
  • Supply Chain Dynamics and Their Impact on Phytosanitary Treatment: Discussing the roles of growers, marketers, service providers, treatment providers, freight, importers, retailers, and consumers in the context of phytosanitary irradiation.
  • Commercial Development and Market Trends: Delving into Phyto 101, trade summaries, emerging forces in trade, value propositions, and overcoming hard barriers, with a particular focus on their implications for the phytosanitary irradiation industry.
  • Sustainability Trends and Their Relevance to Phytosanitary Irradiation: Examining the growing role of sustainability as a driving force for change, particularly in terms of phytosanitary irradiation practices and policies.
  • Emerging Technologies and Policies: Such as the different government’s initiatives regarding technologies options and its potential impact on the phytosanitary irradiation sector.

Content can be in the form of Plenary, Technical theatre, or Poster presentations. More information regarding abstract submissions can be found at this link.

For guidance on preparing your submission or to learn more about the event, you might find the recent ‘Making the Most of Your IMRP’ webinar helpful at this link.