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News, Event February 12, 2024

Registration Open: New PsIP Webinars Coming Soon: Post-Harvest and Quality

The PsIP is pleased to announce two upcoming live webinars discussing Phytosanitary Irradiation and its effects on the quality of fresh produce post-harvest.

These webinars will offer industry insights, solutions to technical barriers, and comparisons of Phytosanitary Irradiation with other technologies. Presented by two industry experts, they cover topics relevant to all stakeholders, followed by Q&A sessions. Recordings will be available on the PsIP website and YouTube channel for later viewing.

Registration for the first webinar is now available. Details of the second webinar will be announced soon.

‘Effects of Phytosanitary Irradiation on Fresh Produce Quality’ first of two webinars

Monday 26 February 2024, 2pm – 3pm AEDT

The first webinar ‘Effects of Phytosanitary Irradiation on Fresh Produce Quality’ includes a presentation from John Golding (Research Scientist, Department of Regional NSW, Australia), below you will find the abstract for his presentation:

“Phytosanitary Irradiation is a valuable tool for facilitating market access in some countries, by employing low-dose irradiation to eliminate or sterilise quarantine insect pests within fruits and vegetables, thereby enabling trade. In most instances phytosanitary irradiation treatment does not impact final quality of produce and is routinely used in many markets, however in some instances phytosanitary irradiation imposes stress on fresh produce which ultimately affects quality. This presentation delves into the effects of phytosanitary irradiation on fresh produce, and offers solutions to overcome potential technical barriers which may impact successful implementation. Additionally, this talk aims to assist stakeholders in better understand when, how, and where phytosanitary irradiation can be employed for specific crops and supply chains, while also highlighting and guiding future research to optimise quality and commercial outcomes.”

Register to attend the live event free-of-charge via this link.