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News February 20, 2023

Imports of mangoes from Grenada into the US to resume

The import of mangoes from Grenada into the US was permitted in 1987 but interception of mango seed weevil in the early 2000s led to a suspension of imports.

The Grenada Ministry of Agriculture recently requested that USDA-APHIS allow the resumption of export of Grenada mangoes to the United States using irradiation applied in the United States. Grenada has signed the framework equivalency agreement for irradiation required by 7 CFR § 305.9. In response to Grenada’s request to renew market access for mangos with irradiation, APHIS prepared a pest risk assessment (PRA) to determine if the pests of Grenada mangos can be mitigated by irradiation. The pest  risk assessment found that only two pests, the mango seed weevil (Sternochetus mangiferae) and the West Indian fruit fly (Anastrepha obliqua Macquart), follow the pathway of fresh mangoes from Grenada. The presence of the mango seed weevil in Grenada will require irradiation at 300 Gy while the fruit fly Anastrepha obliqua would be mitigated by a lower dose of 150 Gy.

Import of mango from Grenada can resume. The change is effective February 15, 2023.


Source: USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Weekly Digest Bulletin Feb. 19, 2023