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News October 21, 2022

Australian virtual workshop on PI

A virtual workshop  on phytosanitary irradiation was held on Thursday 15 September 2022 in Australia.

This workshop aimed at providing an opportunity for a broad group of stakeholders from industry, research and government to discuss and ensure that phytosanitary irradiation continues to be developed to protect and grow Australia’s horticultural industries.  Australia comes second after Mexico in the use of irradiation with over 35 Australian crops irradiated to reach domestic and export markets.

The forum was hosted by Agriculture Victoria and formed part of the project: AM19002 Building capacity in irradiation – pathways to export. funded by the Hort Frontiers Asian Markets Fund.

Recordings of the conference can be found at this link.  They include interesting testimonies of table grapes and mango traders and discussions on labelling requirements and how to approach them.