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News September 16, 2021

New IAEA research project on PI open for applications

Proposals are now wanted for a new IAEA Coordinated Research Project ‘CRP) was approved on 9 September 2021. CRPs bring together research institutions from its developing and developed Member States to collaborate on research projects of common interest.

The nine pest groups are:

• Weevils of the family Curculionidae
• Leaf miners of the family Agromyzidae
• Mealybugs of the family Pseudococcidae
• Scale insects of the family Diaspididae
• Eggs and larvae of the order Lepidoptera
• All other regulated insect pests other than pupa and adult Lepidoptera
• Mites of the family Tetranychidae
• Pupae of the order Lepidoptera
• Mites in families other than Tetranychidae

More information on this research project here.

Deadline to submit a proposal: 15 November 2021.

The first Research Coordination Meeting should take place in March 2022.


(updated October 6, 2021)